Dove ER* is a non-binary and chronically ill multidisciplinary artist. They are currently based in Chicago. They graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in May 2020 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), with a focus in performance art and installation. Dove has shown their movement-based works at several art spaces in Chicago, including SAIC, Links Hall, No Nation - Art Gallery and Tangential Unspace Lab, and DFBRL8TR Gallery. They have also performed for numerous artists at the Museum of Contemporary Art and SAIC, including Otobong Nkanga’s retrospective show “To Dig a Hole That Collapses Again”, Mierle Laderman-Ukeles’ “SERVING IV: As Long As We Are Here…”, Ingri Fiksdal’s performance “Diorama” at Cloudgate. They were also an exhibitions and events apprentice under Joseph Ravens at DFBRL8TR Gallery in 2018-2019, and a curatorial assistant for SAIC’s New Blood XIII at Links Hall in 2019.

Dove’s practice involves movement-based performance art, installation, painting, and writing. Their work engages with autobiographical narratives of chronic illnesses and medical trauma endured within western allopathy. They explore these anecdotes through Sisphyean performances involving endurance, stillness,

and exhaustion related to their physical ability. Gestures that Dove explores include painstaking frozen positions until the body naturally collapses, and frantic repetitive gestures fueled by inertia until their body can no longer sustain its flailing limbs.

The performance continues for weeks to come, where their sick body holds its stress and inherent pain from the intensity of the movements. 


They perform alongside assemblages that they build from collected construction debris and medical waste. They use this rust to dye fabrics and canvases to contaminate surfaces and subject them to a break-down. In addition, they accumulate one-use medical paraphernalia like saline syringes and blood test tubes, from their own regular visits to the Emergency Room and doctors appointments. Within their painting practice, they utilize iodine to consider the process of sanitization, a means of preparing the body and its surfaces for procedural acts. The visual language they construct is within the realm of medical aesthetic, but also of the natural world, with microbiomes and body topographies. 


Dove is concerned with how their non-binary and ill self interacts with these installations and the debris they leave in their wake.

The softest parts of our bodies are exposed to the hardest and sharpest parts of this detritus.


Photo by Jackie Rivas at New Blood XII 

in performance 'Generation Loss', 2018.