a fast push with wicked drawback 

 Sullivan Galleries, SAIC 

 Winter 2020 

Image descriptions for the photos above can be found by mousing over the image.


Left : Image shows a monitor with a black screen mounted on a white wall. There is a black strap hanging downward from the back of the monitor, attached to a draped white mesh insert of a stamina parachute that rests on the floor. To the right of the monitor is a handsaw embedded into the wall, operating as a shelf for 4 clear acrylic petri dishes. Each petri dish contains agar agar in the bottom, and small embedded objects like screws, nails, and brick pieces. The severe light casts angular shadows of each object across the wall

Right : The black strap from the previous image is zoomed in on and out of focus on the left side of the frame. To the right is a closer view of the handsaw and the petri dishes. The handsaw's teeth are embedded into the white wall and caulked seamlessly.

Light blue vinyl applied to a metal sheet, with the help of Evan Fusco.

In the original installation, this rests on two bricks on the floor beneath the suspended torso cast. 

Performance for video. In the original installation, this video plays on an infinite loop on the mounted monitor screen. Text & video editing by Dove ER*. Videography by Cherrie Yu. 

Video of installation footage. Shot & edited by Dove ER*. April 2020.