the tools that we have - diptych

spring 2018, ongoing

iterations through performances & installations in response to chronic pain and personal history of injury.

when the primary tool necessary for a task becomes unusable, how do we continue with what we have on us?

being considerate of the body

body existing as a multi-tool

tools that we have (i)

installation & performance, April 2018.

terra cotta clay, easel, illustration board, Sharpie marker, four flashlights, cellphone. 

directed by Dove Rutter

performed by Jonathan Leib, Claire Linn, Amy Peltz (lights), Dove Rutter, Karmel Sabri, and Sam Smith (lights)

photos & video by Sophie Leddick,

video editing by Dove Rutter 

their face fell (ii)

3-min gesture, May 2018.


ladder, sculpture created in tools that we have (i).

Performance by Sophie Leddick & Dove Rutter. Photos courtesy of Naoki Nakatani.