tools that we have (i-ii) 

 SAIC, Spring 2018 

tools that we have (i)

installation & performance, April 2018.

terra cotta clay, easel, illustration board,

Sharpie marker, four flashlights, cellphone. 

directed by Dove ER*

performed by Jonathan Leib, Claire Linn, Amy Peltz (lights), Dove Rutter, Karmel Sabri, and Sam Smith (lights)

photos & video by Sophie Leddick,

editing by Dove ER* 

iterations through performances &  installations  in response to chronic pain and personal history of injury.

when the primary tool necessary for a task becomes unusable, how do we continue with what we have on us?

being considerate of the body

body existing as a multi-tool

their face fell (ii)

3-min gesture, May 2018.


ladder, sculpture created in tools that we have (i).

Performance by Sophie Leddick & Dove Rutter. Photos courtesy of Naoki Nakatani.